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A block is placed at an inclined plane making angle of 60

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A 5-kg block is pulled along rough inclined plane by a force of 71 N (g = 10 m.s-2, sin 37 o = 0.6, cos 37 o = 0.8). If the coefficient of friction force between block and inclined . Place the 1 meter track on top of the block in order to prepare an inclined plane. A box of mass 2 kg is held in equilibrium on a fixed rough inclined plane by a rope. The rope lies in a vertical plane containing a line of greatest slope of the inclined plane. The rope is inclined to the plane at an angle α, where tan α = , and the plane is at. A 55.0 kg box is placed on an incline that makes an angle of 28.0 degrees with the horizontal. The coefficient of static friction between the box and the inclined plane is 0.680. a. Determine the static frictional force that holds the box in place. b. The incline angle is slowly increased. To review, the process for solving inclined plane problems is as follows: Draw a sketch of the problem. Identify known and unknown quantities, and identify the system of interest. Draw a free-body diagram (which is a sketch showing all of the forces acting on an object) with the coordinate system rotated at the same angle as the inclined plane.

Solar azimuth angle (γ s): The solar azimuth angle (γ s) is the angular displacement from south of the projection of beam radiation on the horizontal plane.Displacements east of south are negative and west of south are positive; the solar azimuth angle changes in the range of −180 to 180 degrees.For north or south latitudes between 23.45 and 66.45 degrees, γ s will be between +90 and − ...
A block sliding down a frictionless inclined plane. A 10.0-kg block is placed on a frictionless inclined plane, 5.00 m long, that makes an angle of 30.0º with the horizontal. If the block starts from rest at the top of the plane, what will its velocity be at the bottom of the incline?
7.2 Problems 289 7.10 Consider a pendulum consisting of a small mass m attached to one end of an inextensible cord of length l rotating about the other end which isfixed. The pendulum moves on a spherical surface. Hence the name spherical pendulum. The inclination angleϕ in the xy- plane can change independently.
An inclined plane (1.8 m long, 0.17 m wide) supported by a tripod was placed 30 cm to the left of the center line of the background wall, with the longitudinal axis orthogonal to this wall. The plane could be tilted relative to the horizontal by an angle specified by the protocol (see below).
Answer (1 of 5): In the above figure AB is an inclined plane ,and alpha = 60°. Here, the various force involved are: 1. Weight , mg of the body, vertically downward. 2. Normal reaction ,R, perpendicular to AB. 3. Force of friction ,F ,up the plane AB